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Navigating the Relationship Life When You’re Jealous, Insecure, and Batshit Crazy

*Just a sidenote before you start reading. When I’m writing, I just automatically assume my audience is a bunch of gay men. Sometimes I address issues as if talking directly to a gay male. And then other times, I kind … Continue reading

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Being Gay and Living with Parents

Whenever I sleep somewhere else, my little brother ends up taking the brute trauma from my parents’ constant bickering. It’s kind of funny, especially the bit where they make fun of my entire existence because I’m gay. Let me explain. … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution(s)

Happy New Year! For those that don’t know, I’m an avid believer of New Year, New Me. I really believe in the mantra, and it makes for cute hashtags. And honestly, if you’re not challenging yourself, you come out with … Continue reading

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